ominous & sexy with a dark-pop-rock vibe


Missyou is a New York based rock band that has toured nationally and played extensively on the east coast for the past year.  The band came together with a vision to create music they could stand behind with an emphasis on story telling -- "The songs are what matter to us."

Currently they are busy in the studio, writing and recording new material.  Blaise Beyhand, who fronts the band, has produced, filmed and created the music videos for the released tracks, "Yourbody" and "Anything."  

Influence is pulled from a broad spectrum of music, as well as classic film and visual arts.  The band believes that every picture and sound they create is a part of a broader story...

"Music brings you back or forward in time, the journey can be trying, and music can be your wings or your anchor. We just want to be a part of that evolution. We hope to see you soon. Until then, we will miss you."